IPPES ProtectEnforce

IPPES stands for “Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Specialists”. Our programs give you top-level firm results without the top-level firm price!

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IPPES is committed to providing the best intellectual property protection, enforcement, development, and enhancement services in the business, at an affordable price!

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Trademark law protects your company’s name, logo, and brands, and also prevents competitors from using and damaging your trademarks.

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Copyright law protects your company’s original creative works and prevents competitors from unauthorized copying. Copyright ownership begins at creation of work.

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Trade Secrets

Trade secrets and confidential information and materials can be protected and enforced under U.S. law and by utilizing an up-to-date security and compliance program.

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Get top-level intellectual property law firm and brand development firm competency and results, along with in-house business understanding, attitude, communication, and execution, without the top-level firm price!
It’s your hard-earned money, why pay more than is necessary to get the job done right?

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IPPES ProtectEnforce®

IPPES ProtectEnforce® is a comprehensive, proprietary service program that focuses on: Evaluating our clients’ trademarks, brands, copyrights, trade secrets, and other proprietary and confidential information and materials; Educating our clients…

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Free Consultation

IPPES will provide you with a free, no obligation initial consultation! The consultation will help you better understand what Intellectual Property (trademarks, brands, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.) you have and what you can do to more effectively protect…

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Strategic Alliance With Identity Graphic Design

IPPES announces a new strategic alliance with Identity Graphic Design (IGD) of Warren, Michigan. This strategic alliance will allow IPPES to offer IGD’s clients the opportunity to obtain comprehensive intellectual property services covering their valuable Brands, and will allow IGD to provide the clients of IPPES in the Oakland and Macomb County areas with excellent brand identity, brand creation, and advertising services. For more information, please click here.

Strategic Alliance with the Buckert Patent Law Firm

IPPES announces the continuation of its successful strategic alliance with the Buckert Patent Law Firm, PC. Buckert Law specializes in obtaining broad patent protection covering inventions, products, and other technologies including electrical, mechanical, and software inventions. This unique alliance complements the extensive trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection services of IPPES, thereby providing the most comprehensive intellectual property protection available to meet our Client’s needs in the USA and internationally. Please click here for more information.

Strategic Partnership With Hile Design

IPPES has renewed its strategic partnership with brand creation, advertising, and marketing services agency Hile Design of Ann Arbor, Michigan. This partnership allows IPPES to continue working with Hile Design and its clients to provide what virtually no other advertising agency does – a way to not only create a brand, but to legally protect it from the brand’s inception. Please click here for more information.